the way home

once upon a time there was a penguin that loved to travel and make friends. we at mile also like to make friends, and one of them, the egreš magazine, helped us to create something freezingly beautiful.

the way home is an illustrated book for children about an adventurous penguin, which had decided to leave the south pole icebergs and travel the world. on his journey to adventure he experiences various scenes but finally travels back home. why? an answer to this question is easy for those who loves friendships.

the book was alica raticová’s semester project at the printmaking and other media department of the academy of fine arts and design, bratislava. amended version with a text by zuzana mitošinková was published by civic association egreš. we are extremely happy that thanks to our cooperation, the little penguin could travel also to our lovely bodysuits and t-shirts!

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